Project TitleAdditional Correspondences in Image Registration
Track Code13111
Short DescriptionAutomatic projection of landmarks to generate additional correspondences in image registration

When registering multiple multidimensional images based on landmarks, the system improves the distribution and density of the points in correspondence across images, which are of crucial importance for the accuracy and reliability of the resulting registration transform. Such accurate, efficient and robust tools for image registration and any downstream processing, such as contour propagation or image fusion, are highly demanded for various medical applications, such as adaptive radiotherapy.

Tagsmedical devices, Software Imaging, cancer, oncology, radiation oncology, Imaging and Image Guided Surgery, Med-Tech, Devices and Software, Techna, Automatic Projection of Landmarks to Generate Additional Correspondences in Image Registration
Posted DateMay 16, 2017 2:39 PM

Principal Investigator

S. Allaire, V. Pekar

Patent Status

Patents Pending US2012/0329980, EP

Partnering Opportunity

Available separately or together with Organ-Specific Enhancement Filter (10096) and Improved Auto-Segmentation of Medical Images (06043) for non-exclusive licensing.

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