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Project TitleEnhancing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Efficacy For Cell Therapy
Track Code16048
Short Description

A novel method to manufacture high quality cost effective mesenchymal stem cells for clinical applications


A transiently physical culture condition in the presence of a proprietary cytokine/small molecule cocktail activates MSCs that have already been expanded to be more anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and immunomodulatory. This method can be applied to MCB/WCBs to prepare activated cryopreserved MSC product cell banks which retain their activity, post thaw. This method can also be applied post-thaw to cryopreserved MSC cell banks.    

High potency stem cell therapeutic applications create ample opportunities for a variety of applications in regenerative medicine. Researchers at University Health Network have developed a method which alters critical culture conditions under specific and proprietary sequences thereby enabling anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and immunomodulatory properties in MSCs. Enhancement in bone marrow- and umbilical cord tissue-MSCs by this proprietary method has been evaluated in vitro  by measuring anti-inflammatory protein tumor necrosis factor inducible gene 6 (TSG-6) expression, inhibition of CD4+ T helper (TH) proliferation and in vivo by subsidence of LPS (in paw edema) and zymosan induced (in peritoneum) inflammation. 

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Posted DateMay 26, 2017 11:41 AM

Potential Applications

  • A method for producing scalable human MSCs from different tissue sources for use in treating inflammatory diseases such as OA, ARDS, GvHD, inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer, Parkinson’s), spinocerebellar ataxia, liver diseases (acute and chronic), sepsis, diabetes, spinal cord injury, kidney diseases (acute and chronic ) etc.
  • A method for producing scalable human MSCs from different tissue sources for use in treating solid and hematological malignancies with or without genetic modification
  • A method producing scalable canine and equine MSCs from different tissue sources for use in treating musculoskeletal disorders in dogs and horses

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sowmya Viswanathan, University Health Network (lead researcher)

Project Status and Next Steps

  • Test the developed method in human adipose tissue MSCs product, and canine MSCs (adipose & umbilical cord tissue/blood)
  • Analysis of secretome, microRNA, and Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) array karyotyping after MSCs enhancement
  • Assessment of in vivo preclinical safety and toxicology of enhanced MSCs
  • In vivo disease specific small animal model assessment e.g DMM OA in mice, MIA in mice, wound healing in diabetic mice, ARDS mice model, zucker diabetic fatty rats for obesity induced osteoarthritis, Graft vs Host Disease (GVHD) preclinical efficacy study in mice
  • In vivo disease specific large animal model assessment e.g Anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) induced osteoarthritis in canine, equine, and sheep 
  • Optimize and create a disposable bioreactor model of the developed technology which can be used as an intra-operative unit 
  • Execute phase I, II human clinical trials for different indications such as OA, GvHD, ARDS, wound healing, liver and kidney diseases.

Patent Status

Provisional patent application (US62/397,572) titled “Methods of culturing mesenchymal stromal cells” was filed on Sept 21, 2016

Partnering Opportunity

Available for joint venture, co-development or non-exclusive licensing


For Further Information, Please Contact:

Rahbar Rahimpour, PhD, MBA | Licensing and Commercialization Professional | Technology Development and Commercialization | University Health Network | +1 (416) 581-7728 |