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Project TitleCoral RIS/PACS Clinical Software Platform
Track Code15132
Short Description

Radiology workflow management suite


Coral is an integrated RIS and PACS that supports the full suite of diagnostic imaging workflow and can be used by all staff within radiology and hospital environments to manage, document, and view patient data, including scheduling, documenting (during image acquisition), and diagnosing patients.  Coral stores and manages all data captured throughout the process (patient details, attached documents, and imaging).   A Master Patient Index (MPI), which is accessible by simply right-clicking on the screen, allows clinicians to see the full history for a patient.   Current and previous studies for the patient can be arranged in any way that is desired by the user. If desired, users have the ability to add their own tools via an open API (application programming interface). The Coral suite consists of 4 primary applications:

Coral RIS

The RIS that manages workflow for the joint medical imaging team of UHN, Mount Sinai Hospital and Women’s College Hospital.


Coral PACS

The Picture Archiving and Communication System that processes, stores, archives, and distributes the medical images captured across the organizations.  The images stored are not limited to those captured in Medical Imaging – other programs, including Research, Endoscopy, Special Pregnancy, Speech Pathology, Radiation Medicine, and Cardiology, also store images on the Coral PACS.

Coral Workstation

Front-end users of the system within Medical Imaging (Radiologists, Technologists, Clerical Staff) access Coral RIS and PACS through the Coral Workstation client application which provides the functionality that supports medical imaging workflows.  The Workstation may also provide access to the PACS through an integrated image viewer.

Coral Viewer

Coral Viewer is a web-based application that provides point of care users with access to view images and reports for the purposes of providing care to their patients.  

Coral Review’s key, differentiating strengths are that it was designed BY clinicians FOR clinicians for ease of adoption and with a high degree of Intuitiveness; it is highly scalable, and is currently operational in multiple high volume centers including UHN’s Michener Institute, Ontario’s foremost post-secondary medical imaging institute.

Tagsmedical devices, imaging software, Imaging and Image Guided Surgery, Med-Tech, Devices and Software, TGHRI, Coral RIS/PACS Clinical Software Platform
Posted DateAug 11, 2017 11:17 AM

Potential Applications

  • Suite of applications to manage workflow and patient data within Radiology.   
  • Suite consists of server and client-side applications.

Program Lead

Leon Goonaratne, University Health Network

Project Status and Next Steps

  • Currently in use clinically across Toronto General, Toronto Western, Princess Margaret, Toronto Rehab, Sinai Health Systems, and Women’s College hospitals
  • Currently in use non-clinically for training and education at the Michener Institute

Partnering Opportunity

Available for licensing

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Mark Taylor, PEng, MSc, MBA | Team Lead, Licensing and Commercialization | Technology Development and Commercialization | University Health Network | +1 (416) 581-7404 |


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